The Problem-Solving Technologist with a Passion for People and Variety

Since diving into the IT world in 1999 and embracing the freelance journey in 2011, I’ve carved out a niche as a versatile “general practitioner” in technology. My love for variety means I thrive on the diverse challenges and projects that come my way, from streamlining complex processes to teaching tech skills. There’s no typical day in my life, and that’s just how I like it!

Turning Complexity into Simplicity

One of my greatest joys is transforming what seems complex into something beautifully simple. Like the time recently where I replaced an entire manual process with a Google Sheet, a dash of code and Data Studio – not only saving a client from hiring an extra hand but also enhancing their website with an interactive dashboard. It’s about seeing beyond the conventional, finding clarity where others see complexity.

A Love Affair with Technology and Music

Beyond my tech pursuits, I find my creative outlet in music production. Writing songs is just a means to an end – the true magic for me lies in the technical nuances of producing those tracks. This blend of art and science mirrors my professional approach: innovative, detail-oriented, and always with a touch of creativity.

A Mind Wired Differently

My mind is source of my endless curiosity and ability to rapidly absorb and apply new ideas, but it also demands discipline to stay focused. This unique wiring of my brain is what makes me an idea generator, a quick learner, and someone who naturally thinks outside the box.

Just-in-Time Knowledge and Natural Teaching Ability

I’m a firm believer in “just-in-time” knowledge – learn what’s needed, apply it effectively, and then move on to the next challenge. This philosophy has made me a natural teacher, whether it’s guiding someone through the intricacies of IT or teaching dance moves in a ballroom or guitar to a friend. My ability to demystify technology and make it accessible to everyone has literally saved careers.

My Unique Selling Point: Diplomacy with a Dash of Realness

What truly sets me apart is my combination of people skills and technical expertise. I’m diplomatic, straightforward, and committed to what’s genuinely best for my clients. I have a knack for communicating complex technical concepts in simple terms, making me a trusted advisor to those I work with. My approach is always people-first, tech-second – because at the end of the day, it’s not just about solving tech problems; it’s about helping people.